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      Grinding machine maintenance is very important. Four suggestions to know

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      Base and guide rail

      1 Y-axis base design
      1.1 Basic requirements for Y-axis base structure
      The base is the basic support component for the entire Y-axis, usually used to place important components such as guide rails. In order to meet the requirements of high speed, high productivity, high reliability, high precision, and high automation of CNC machine tools, and compared with ordinary machine tools, CNC machine tools need to have higher static and dynamic stiffness, as well as good vibration resistance. The base mainly puts forward requirements in five aspects.
      1. High precision and durability. There are many machining surfaces for mounting components and guide surfaces for moving components on the base, which require high precision and positional accuracy and can be maintained for a long time. In addition, during cutting, all dynamic and static loads are often transmitted to the base, making the force on the base very complex. Therefore, in order to ensure the mutual position or relative motion accuracy between components, in addition to meeting the geometric dimension position accuracy, it is also necessary to meet the technical requirements of static and dynamic stiffness, vibration resistance, thermal stability, and so on.
      2. It should have sufficient static and dynamic stiffness, including the structural stiffness, local stiffness, and contact stiffness of the base. Corresponding measures should be taken to achieve a high stiffness mass ratio.
      3. Dynamic stiffness directly reflects the motion characteristics of the base. In order to ensure that the base has high resistance to deformation and forced and self-excited vibrations under alternating loads, measures such as increasing damping and increasing natural frequency can be taken to reduce resonance and noise caused by thin arm vibration.
      4. For machine tools, the thermal stability of high-precision CNC machine tools has become a prominent issue. It is necessary to reduce the thermal deformation of the entire machine or minimize the impact of