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      Machine Tool Encyclopedia: Do you know the true price of cylindrical grinding machines?

      Time:2017-11-13 Visits:842
      External cylindrical grinder is a grinding machine that processes the outer surface and shoulder end face of cylindrical, conical, or other shaped contour lines of workpieces. It is mainly used for precision grinding of end faces, outer circles, and conical surfaces of batch shaft parts and is the main equipment in industries such as automotive engines. It is also suitable for processing shaft parts with small batch sizes and high precision requirements in military, aerospace, and general precision machining workshops. This article will focus on understanding and analyzing the price of external circular grinding machines.

      What is the price of a cylindrical grinder? In addition, does the price factor include the specification and model?

      What is the price of a cylindrical grinder? From the current market situation, it will cost at least tens of thousands of yuan. Moreover, if it is a large brand with good quality, it may even be higher. As for the relevant factors of its price, it includes the specification and model, because if the specifications and models are different, the price of the cylindrical grinder will be different. Therefore, the answer to question two is yes.

      What should be known first when quoting prices for external circular grinding machines? In addition, are there different prices for cylindrical grinding machines in different regions?

      If you are quoting the price of an external circular grinder, you should first know the dimensions, materials, and processing requirements of the product to be processed before proceeding with this work. In different regions, the price of cylindrical grinding machines also varies. That is to say, the price of cylindrical grinding machines varies depending on the region.

      3. Will the degree of processing of the workpiece affect the price of the cylindrical grinder?

      The processing degree of the workpiece, in terms of the external cylindrical grinder, reflects the machining ability of the grinder, that is, to what extent it can be processed. So, to a certain extent, it will affect the price of cylindrical grinding machines. However, this is not an important factor, so sometimes, when considering the price factor of cylindrical grinding machines, it can be ignored. Therefore, on this question, the answer is yes, but the impact is not significant.